Team Member Spotlight

Ms. Cowgill, Freshmen Math Teacher

Ms.Cowgill has a Bachelor’s degree in Bio-Psychology from the University of California of Santa Barbara. She also has a Master’s degree in Education University of Missouri St.Louis. Before working at Gary Comer College Prep, Ms.Cowgill worked with 6th graders and taught all subjects, as well as 7th grade math.

Ms. Cowgill is in her first year teaching at GCCP and now teaches freshmen Math Concepts. “I love asking my students to do fractions and word problems because they seem to hate them but… I like to have them practice so much that they learn they’re not that bad.”

Ms.Cowgill has citizenship in the United Kingdom. Also, she loves to cook outside of school. Her advice to the GCCP students about succeeding in college is to enjoy every moment you can, both the social and academic.

Mr. Rhee, Special Education Director

Mr. Rhee received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Columbia University and his Masters in Education from Humbolt State University. Before working at Gary Comer College Prep, he worked in Special Education for students with severe and profound disabilities. He was drawn to GCCP because of the mission-driven and mission-aligned staff.

“Being a part of our team here is much more than just teaching reading, writing, and math…it’s about changing the trajectory of our students’ lives and the community around us. I see it as working towards social justice, and I love working at GCCP because this is the majority mindset here.”

Mr. Rhee joined our team as a co-teacher in 9th grade math. This is his fourth year working at Gary Comer College Prep and he is now the Director of Special Education. Mr. Rhee's favorite part about this position is the chance to get to know and oversee all the students in the school who receive Special Education Services.

Mr. Rhee is also the founding wrestling coach at GCCP and when he is not coaching, he can be found supporting our senior scholars with college advice or leading physical conditioning training groups with his advisees.