Required by Grade & Electives

Our general curriculum is outlined below:

Freshmen Sophomore
English 1 English 2
Multicultural Literature (double block)
World Literature (double block)
Algebra or Algebra/Geometry (double block) Geometry/Advanced Algebra or
Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry (double block)
Physics Chemistry
Choir Human Geography (AP Option)
Physical Education 1 Spanish 1
Advisory Choice Elective
  Physical Education 2
Junior Senior
11th Grade English/Reading (AP Option)
(double block) 
12th Grade English/Reading (AP Option)
(double block)
Trig or Pre-Calculus Pre-Calc or AP Calc or AP Stats
US History (AP Option) (double block) Economics (AP Option)
AP Chemistry (double block - 1 lab/1 lecture) Psychology (AP Option)
Biology AP Biology
Spanish 2 Spanish 3
Choice Elective Choice Elective
Physical Education 3 College Writing
Advisory Physical Eduacation 4


Students are expected to take elective classes outside of the regular school day. All students must earn a minimum of two (2) elective credits in order to graduate. Students can earn these credits in after-school programs, summer programs, and night school. All elective programs must be approved by the Dean of Students.