Gary Comer has the following departments:

High quality literacy instruction is at the core of Gary Comer College Prep's academic offering. The English course sequence at Gary Comer College Prep consists of: English I, Literature I, English II, Literature II, English III, English IV and AP English. The teachers in the English department will work to ensure that students write creatively and clearly and have control of English language conventions. We have adopted the Collins Writing Program © as a way to provide common language for describing writing and creating rubrics for students in every course.

In addition, English teachers will work to make sure our students develop an appreciation for a diverse range of literature, an ability to present and discuss, and confidence in their ability to think and express their ideas.

Foreign Language
Starting in the sophomore year, students are required to take Spanish and will be required to continue through senior year. Students will graduate with three years of foreign language credit.

All Gary Comer College Prep students are expected to take four years of mathematics. Freshmen begin with a double-block of Algebra, meaning that students have a block of Algebra with the same teacher every day. Sophomore year, all students advance to a double-block of geometry. Beginning junior year, students will have the option of taking either double-math en route to a senior year AP Calculus course, or a single-block of math en route to a senior year pre-calculus course. We believe that by junior year, students will have a better understanding of their college path and will be able to decide between an intense math offering or intense humanities offering. All students will graduate with at least six full math credits.

The science course sequence at Gary Comer College Prep is aimed at ensuring all students take AP Biology senior year. Starting freshmen take physics, offered because of its ability to complement the freshman math class and the ease with which it aligns to college readiness standards. Sophomore year, all students enroll in a chemistry class. Junior and senior year, students begin a two-year biology track that will enable all students to take AP Biology before entering college. We believe that advancements in biology, biotechnology and similar fields, along with research expressing the importance of AP course offerings make this two-year biology program essential to a college prep education.

Social Science
At Gary Comer College Prep, students are prepared to have the literacy and critical thinking skills necessary to compete in any college-level social science class. Freshman and sophomore year, both teachers and students focus on the skill of accessing a diverse range of non-fiction texts. The exact course offerings freshman and sophomore year will be determined by the Social Science/Non-Fiction Literacy teacher. The teacher will choose the course focus thinking primarily of college-readiness standards; second, of the diversity of the student interests; and third, of content supported by the teachers background.

Given the diverse range of social science offerings at the college level, junior and senior year are focused on a diverse range of social sciences. These offerings will be dictated by the AP offerings and accreditation of the teaching staff. Currently, the course offerings are projected to be Psychology or AP Psychology for junior year, and Economics or AP Macro Economics for senior year.

Special Education
Gary Comer College Prep places students with disabilities in their least restrictive environment, beginning with access to the general curriculum alongside their non-disabled peers. We offer a variety of classes and activities (for credit or non-credit experiences) for all students, including students with disabilities. We have high expectations for all students regardless of disability. We are building a collaborative teacher model from the ground up. SPED staff are included in the development of curriculum. SPED teachers co-teach classes with other Gary Comer College Prep teachers and help them develop units, lesson plans and classroom activities.