Senior Announcements

Senior Announcements

FAFSA workshop dates:

January 13th-Ladder Up program supports A day SCS students on FAFSA completion in class

January 14th-Ladder Up program supports B day SCS students on FAFSA completion in class

January 16th-Ladder Up clean up session 4:30-6:00pm (this may be an issue, as I now see that an Admissions info session has been scheduled for this date?)

February 26 – Deadline to file 2014 taxes

March 3 – Finalize FAFSA

March 28 - Senior Fees due date

*Fees must be paid IN FULL before purchase of a prom ticket

May 1- Housing deposit to colleges due

May 15 – Prom 8pm-12pm Hyatt McCormic Place

*See fees for prices

Commencement Location

Emil and Patricia A. Jones Convocation Center

Chicago State University

9501 South King Dr.

Chicago, IL 60628

June 4, 2015 – Commencement Rehearsal TBA

June 4, 2015 – Commencement, 6pm

Please see the following links for the contents of the Senior packet that was distributed at Report Card Pickup:

Commencement Handout Quarter 3

Commencement Announcement and FAQ

Parent Semester 2 Timeline

Senior Fees Breakdown-Sample

Senior Parent Letter