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Gary Comer College Prep
Team Member Directory 2015-2016
Staff Position
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Acosta, Arlette Spanish 3
Akhter, Salman Chemistry/Biology Teacher
Antonelli, Maggie Content Lead - Literature; H. American Lit Teacher
Arreola, Delia Executive Assistant
Bennett, Samantha 11th Lang and Comp teacher
Bourrell,Kelly US History teacher
Boyd, Jasmine 10th Grade Composition Teacher
Brown,Tracy Paraprofessional
Buckley, Joe Social Studies Content Lead
Buestad, Connor  Learning Specialist
Burt, Nora SCS teacher
Busch, Jackie  9th Grade literature Teacher
Bush, Shawn LEAP reading teacher, Co teacher World Lit
Carranco, Zarah Dean of Students
Chandler, Zaria Math and Science Teacher
Cohen.Rhonda 9th Social Movements Teacher
Collins, David Administrative Assistant
Connor,Monica Paraprofessional
Cosper, Laurance Early College Scholars (ECS) Teacher
Cossé, Remy 12th Grade Math Teacher
Cowgill, Erin Director of Pre-College Programs
Crafton, Kalena Teacher (10th grade World Lit)
Davenport, August Student Recruitment & Enrollment Coordinator
Dempsay, Adam 9th Grade PE
Ekberg, Jacklyn 10th Math Teacher and  Grade Level Lead
Flynn, Kate Assistant Principal of Teaching and Learning
Folgers, Benjamin 9th Lang and Comp Teacher
Gumbel, Lauren SCS Teacher
Hampton, Ife Spanish II teacher
Hampton,David Disciplinarian
Hassell, Chloe Office Assistant
Hildred, Ashley Director of Social Work Services
Ibrahim, Henna Science Content Lead
James, Cary LEAP Writing, SPED Co-teacher
Jelkes, Genesis Disciplinarian
Jenks, Stephanie 10th Grade World Literature Teacher
Kalich, Natalie 11th Grade American Literature Teacher
Kelly, Estee Principal
Kerendian, Mike Chemistry Teacher
Krieg, Annie AP Literature Teacher, AP Psychology Teacher
Kulvik, Anna 10th Grade Learning Specialist
Lamb, Gavin Dean of Discipline
Marotta, Kristie Director of Special Education
Morse, Matthew Physics Teacher
Mosley, Richard 10th World History
Moya, Geomele Director of College Planning
Orekhov, Nikolay P.E..Teacher
Pagliaro, Jeanne World/US History Teacher
Parry, Kristin 9th Grade Classical Literature Teahcer
Passehl, Jennie Senior Advisor
Patteson, Darryl Math Content Lead
Raskin, Evan Learning Behavioral Specialist
Rehayem, Brandon Algebra 2 Teacher
Rhee, Dan PE Teacher
Schnall, David Language and Composition Content Lead
Scott, Katie Spanish Teacher
Selgrad, Jenna 9th grade Math Learning Specialist
Simon, Laura Biology Teacher
Singleton, Vondale Assistant Principal Operations and Community Engagement
Smith, Megan 9th grade  Social Movement Teacher
Speat, Tia Paraprofessional
Suson, Brittany British Literature Teacher
Thomas, Amber 10th Grade Math Teacher
Thomas, Orlandus Content Lead, Physical Education
Williams, Jamelle Freshmen Math Teacher
Winters, Daryl Assistant Dean of Discipline
Wong, Aiyeshia

12th Race, Class, and Gender Studies Teacher and Grade Level Lead
Worthman, Kyle AP Psych and AP Language Comp Teacher