Alumni Spotlight

The Alumni Spotlight will be updated throughout the year to highlight the achievements of our 2012 graduates in their first year of college.


Class of 2012

Lincoln College

Major: Business and Music

In your opinion, what makes GCCP stand out as a high school?

The discipline and the success rate of the students so far. Also, the teachers are always willing to help and push you to see your full potential.

How did you change or grow during your time at GCCP? How has that been transferrable to your college experience so far?

I became a more disciplined person academically, as I did not grow up in a disciplined environment. Over time I transitioned from a kid on the street to a college prep student. I also improved my social life and got involved in clubs and team sports. If I didn’t have that discipline, I might have not ended up where I am today. It was a challenge to adjust to the rules, but when I learned how to follow the structure, I realized there was so much more I could do.

What are you most excited about in college so far?

Being on the hip hop dance team and performing at Lincoln, University of Illinois-Springfield, and ISU.

At GCCP, Derion founded the dance club, ran cross country, was the president of the Comer Choraliers, and participated in Student Council.

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