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In August 2008, we opened our doors with the mission of being the best high school in the country at graduating low-income minority students from college. In June 2012, our hard work and dedication was realized when our founding class of 101 seniors graduated with 100% college acceptance at four-year universities. Our founding class accepted over $2 million in institutional and federal scholarships, and they are attending 49 colleges across the country in a total of 17 states. More than 80% of them will be first generation college graduates. We will continue to work tirelessly to attain this vision.   Our diverse group of teachers, administrators, and staff serve a student body  that is 96% African American and 4% Hispanic. United in a shared commitment to students’ success in college and beyond, we work to cultivate a rigorous college preparatory environment and to build scholarship, discipline, and honor in our students. We do this by setting audaciously high goals  and implementing various systems of support for our students. In order to develop citizenship and passion, we require community service and enrichment activities. In order to fully explore their college options and develop a life plan, our students attend “Early College Scholars” seminars over their four years. Our goal is that each of our students is able to lead an ethical, healthy, safe, and financially stable life.

With enough Grit, Zest, Optimism, and Gratitude, anything is possible.



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